National Archaeology Museum:7 Amazing Exhibitions you must see

Among all the archaeological museums we have visited in the past, the National Archaeology museum in Dublin struck

National Archeology museum in Dublin

the chord for us. There are ancient artifacts displayed as attractions that are as old as 7000BC, but, that does not mean that there are only ancient stuff contained in the galleries of this museum.

You will be surprised by the fact that there were current artifacts on display too, some of which were from the 20th century. Exploring the thrilling archaeological exhibitions in the national museum is one of the great things to do in Dublin.
Quit worrying about what to do in Dublin, from our experience we recommend going to see the following amazing exhibitions at the National Archaeology Museum.

National Archeology Museum is one of the top 10 Free things to do in Dublin.

National Archeology Museum is one of kids favorite attractions, that offers free kids activities all year round.  The Museum organizes interesting free events, talks, workshops, interactive kids activities and  is on of the Top 10 Venues in Dublin for free events.

1. Rites of Passage at Tara Exhibition

The Hill of Tara is the focus of this exhibition, presenting the most ancient monument of this particular hill. It shows the mount of hostages as it was called that concealed the tombstone for burial which is called the passage tomb developed in 3000 BC. I found this to be one of the oldest exhibitions visited, because its history goes way back to even 100 BC. And the tomb in reference was used as a mass burial site for over 1500 years. So, the Rites of Passage at Tara exhibition consists of all the artifacts excavated from this site, containing a lot of archaeological facts symbolizing the exchange of hostages that transacted at that point.

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