AT LEAST TWO are female, and one is male. There are adults, a child, and an infant.

Ten skeletons in total were recently found at an archaeological site called Tlalpan just south of Mexico City. Today, the spot is wedged in the midst of a bustling urban area. Local news outlets report that the burial site was hidden under a building that housed classrooms and priests’ dorms, but the skeletons date back about 2,400 years.

Archaeologists from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History said in a statement the remains may have been part of a ritualistic burial.

That’s because they were found arranged in a circular formation, each on their sides and with arm bones interlocked.

Video taken by institute officials at the scene shows nearly intact human remains protruding from the ground.

Based on initial observations, archaeologists were able to see that at least two of the skeletons had some sort of intentionally deformed skull. Some of the skeletons’ teeth also appeared to be intentionally deformed.

Among the skeletons, there were also cajetes, a type of clay pot, and tecomates, rounded bowls with small circular openings.

Whether or not their deaths were intentional is unclear, noted the institute.

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