5 Signs Subconscious Negativity Is Sabotaging Your Happiness (And 7 Ways To Stop It)

Say it isn’t so! Your old, persistent negativity demon has just reared its ugly head again. And it’s bringing you down.

You’ve heard a million times how powerful positive thinking is — in fact, it’s a superpower. You know in your DNA this is true, and you’ve taken all the steps to be a positive thinker — but alas — will you ever be the positive person you want to be?

How can you expect to remain upbeat when your life isn’t the way you want it yet?

Besides, so many negative influences, people, and situations are swirling around you that never fail to suck you back into self-defeating, depressing thoughts. There’s just no escape.

Is it hopeless to think you can consistently be positive and turn your life around? Will you always be fighting this uphill battle?

… And there you go again — even these thoughts embody another negative downward spiral.

Time-out for a second!

It’s true — we do face a lot of negativity, but once you get a handle on it, you can absolutely separate yourself from negativity and replace it with positive energy. All you need is a good plan and some stick-to-itiveness.

Why is negative thinking so stubborn?

Understanding the cause of negativity makes it much easier to overcome.

Negative thinking stems mainly from the subconscious mind where every incident of your life, good or bad, is stored. If a friend hurts your self-esteem, for example, you react emotionally and develop conscious self-protecting behaviors. You put on a brave face to convince others and yourself that you’re alright.

Throughout the years, you develop a mismatch between your conscious personality and your subconscious thoughts.

When situations arise that feel similar to old negative situations, you react automatically in ways you don’t understand.

Something that seems innocent to another person might trigger anger, jealousy, stubbornness, or any number of negative behaviors that knock you off balance and make your relationships and life more difficult.

The following are a few signs of subconscious negativity:

1. Your moods change often.

Your underlying thoughts cause your moodiness. Thoughts are things, and they create your feelings. This is proven. For example, when you’re feeling good, but people ask, “You don’t look well, is something wrong?” you may start to feel bad. Persuasion is very powerful. Your subconscious thoughts are persuasive.

2. You constantly think or talk about the past or the future.

You may be attempting to escape the present. If you were happier in the past, do you often return to your memories for comfort? Or do you rest your happiness on future events, often thinking, “I will feel better when this thing happens, or that thing ends”?

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