The Tour Players’ Secret To Better Golf

very week, professional golfers walk miles and miles on the course as part of their jobs, and for many, the most-treasured piece of their golf gear is their shoes. Wearing comfortable golf shoes enhances performance and keeps their feet energized throughout a round.

That’s why Skechers Performance GO Golf shoes are so popular among younger and older tour players alike. The company’s growing list of elite athletes includes the likes of Matt Kuchar, Billy Andrade, Colin Montgomerie and Russell Knox—the latter of whom is the brainchild behind the new Skechers GO Golf Focus 2 model for men. Knox worked with the company’s design team to create this performance shoe that gives golfers confidence and stability when they play.

Another PGA Tour player who was quick to switch to the shoe is Wesley Bryan. “Skechers Performance’s commitment to innovative design and performance has me really excited about what we can accomplish together on the golf course,” says the 28-year-old South Carolina native who became a social media sensation in 2014 as a trick-shot artist before earning his way to the top league.

Wesley Bryan, who’s making his Masters debut this week, wears the Skechers GO Golf Focus 2.

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