This Little Trick Will Fix Your Tempo

elcome to Golf Digest Instruction Throwback Thursday, where we take a trip into the Golf Digest archive, pull out a random issue, laugh at some of the outfits, and find the best, most relevant, instruction piece. Who knows — a look into the past could be the key to fixing your game now.

The 1986 October issue of Golf Digest featured a lot of Bob Tway. He won the PGA Championship that year and finished T-8 in the Masters. One of the best instruction tips he gave in that issue was about tempo. Good tempo is one of the easiest things to pick out: Watch the range at a tour event, and the perfect, smooth tempos will always stick out. But watch your buddies … and you’re probably going to see some uglier tempos.

The main issue a lot of amateurs have with tempo is swinging too fast. You’re taking it back, you get excited about ripping it, and suddenly the club doesn’t have a chance to even pause at the top before it’s back on it’s way down.

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