26 Small Town Citizens Share Their Creepy Local Unsolved Mystery

1. A Torso In The River

Years ago, a body was found in our local river. More accurately, a torso belonging to a Caucasian female was found in our local river. Her arms, legs, and head were not found. As far as I know, that case is still stone cold. The body was never identified and no other clues have turned up.

There used to be an urban legend that was proven true, too. Rumor had it that there was a train locomotive from the old timber days in the lake. Apparently, there used to be a train bridge and it collapsed and dumped the train in the lake. People used to argue over whether or not it was really there, then the Navy or the Coast Guard (I forget which) decided to use our lake to test some new sonar or radar or something and confirmed that yep, there is, in fact, a train in the lake. That one was an unsolved mystery for decades, though.


2. A Grandmother’s Disappearance, Still Remembered

My wife’s grandmother went missing from her ranch home in Snowflake AZ. There were no signs of struggle, her bowl of cereal was half eaten and nothing was missing from the house. She was a widow and very close to her family and lived on over 10 acres. Her car was at the house.

She was a mail lady and a lot of people speculate that she saw something she wasn’t supposed to on her route to a bad area of town with a lot of meth addicts but no one knows. No leads, no nothing.

It’s a very rural, Mormon town so it was a big mystery and a huge deal, yet, nothing. It’s been over 15 years now. The hardest part for my wife and her family is that there’s never been any closure.

I think probably no one will ever know.


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