10 Retirement Spots With Year-Round Nice Weather

It is possible to avoid both extreme cold and excessive heat in a single retirement location. In these places, the average high temperature in July is less than 90 degrees and the average low in January is above freezing (32 degrees), according to National Climatic Data Center figures.

California. Los Angeles and Long Beach both boast warm winters, with January average lows in the upper 40s and July average highs in the lower 80s. It’s cooler in the San Francisco Bay and Santa Barbara areas, where average lows can drop into the lower 40s in winter and average highs can hit the low or mid-70s in summer.

Florida. Key West, Tampa, and Apalachicola each experience an average high of 90 degrees in July. All three cities have much cooler winters, with an average January low of 65 degrees in Key West, 52 degrees in Tampa, and 43 degrees in Palachicola.

Georgia. In July, Atlanta’s average high is 89 degrees, but temperatures decline to an average low of 34 degrees in January.

Hawaii. Hawaii’s cities have consistently pleasant weather throughout the year. Honolulu temperatures range from an average low of 66 degrees in January to an average high of 88 degrees in July. Temperatures are also consistently pleasant in Hilo, Kahului, and Lihue.

North Carolina. Temperatures in Cape Hatteras hit an average high of 85 degrees in July, which means plenty of opportunities to visit the impressive Atlantic Ocean beaches and wildlife refuge. January’s average low is 39 degrees.

Oregon. Temperatures range from an average low of about 33 degrees in winter to an average high of 82 degrees in July in Eugene and Salem. Astoria is generally cooler in the summer (67 degrees) and slightly warmer in the winter (37 degrees).

Puerto Rico. San Juan has a tropical climate that can get very humid in the summer, with an average high of 87 degrees in July. It cools down to a pleasant 71 degrees in January in this Caribbean island city.

South Carolina. Charleston has a semi-tropical climate and hot summers; July’s average high is 89 degrees. Winters cool down significantly to an average low of 42 degrees.

Texas. Winters are mild in Galveston, where the average January low is a pleasant 50 degrees. July can be sweltering, with an average high of 89 degrees.

Washington. Most places in Washington have fairly cool summers, with a July average high of 75 in Seattle and just 68 in Quillayute. January lows in both cities are in the mid-30s. Seattle’s legendary rainfall is largely confined to the winter months.

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